2022 LTTC 「語言教學實踐與研究計畫補助專案」
The LTTC Teaching and Research Grants 2022

為鼓勵語言學、應用語言學、語言教學、語言測驗相關研究,LTTC特自民國108年2月起提供語言教學實踐與研究計畫補助,分兩大類別:一、一般研究計畫, 二、雙邊合作計畫,申請辦法如下:

The LTTC Teaching and Research Grants are intended to support research related to linguistics, applied linguistics, language teaching, and language assessment. Two types of grants are offered for: 1) general research programs, and 2) joint-funded research programs with the LTTC.

  • 若因研究需求,僅需本中心提供測驗資料者(試題或考生作答資料),可隨時提出線上申請
    For those who wish to obtain test materials or examination data from the LTTC for research purposes, a request can be submitted any time online here.

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